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4 Plumbing Tips You Didn’t Know

4 Plumbing Tips You Didn’t Know And how to use them to save hundreds each year! Water is a resource that we can’t live without, and one that will take your lunch money faster than your 4th grade bully. With heaping bills and repairs, those two showers a day can feel like they cost you […]

Your Plumbers, Savannah Magazine!

We are so grateful to all of our friends who chose us as Savannah’s Best Plumbing Contractor for 2014.  Savannah magazine polled their readership for their choice for the best design, building, and repair experts in Savannah.  You can find the whole list here . Henry Plumbing was chosen “because of their fast phone response, […]

Proud to be Your Plumbers Savannah

Henry Plumbing Co. is a family-owned business providing plumbing solutions for residents and business owners in Savannah and its surrounding communities since 1968. Our founder, Robert G. Henry Sr. and his wife Valeria established the company in 1968 after Robert had worked for his father-in-law’s plumbing company for several years. In the 45+ years since […]

Did You Know that Plumbers are the Ones Who Install Gas Lines for Grills?

While many plumbers specialize in water pipe installations, there is more to this profession than just making sure water properly flows through pipes in homes and businesses. Natural gas installations in the house are also handled by plumbers. With the warmer months approaching, more people will be purchasing gas grills. Gas grills involve installing gas […]