Tips for how to fix Plumbing problems and when to call Henry Plumbing.

Is my shower leaking?

Is my bathtub leaking? / Is my shower leaking?

Often a tub and shower leak can be as simple as, caulking needing to be replaced.  Here are some things you can do yourself to check if your tub is leaking and even repair it yourself.

Leaks from a weak caulk seal

Often times a weak caulk seal is to blame.  Here are some places to check:

  1. Check and see if there are any cracks in there tile
  2. Is there is a surround that connects to the tub. Check the  caulk seal there.
  3. Check around faceplate of tub and shower valve.

The caulk seal can wear off after years and can be a real culprit for leaks.  These are simple easy fixes that homeowners can try on their own or we can re caulk for them.

Leaks around the tub valve

Sometimes there are leaks found on the tub and shower valve itself.  In these situations you will probably need to call us (912-352-9827).  If there is access from behind the tub and shower valve, we usually go in there.  We will have to cut a small section of sheet rock and see if the valve can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.  If replacement is needed then it can take up to 4 hours to install new valve and trim.

Leaks Around the Shower Base or Drain

If the shower base or drain is leaking you should really call us (912-352-9827). We determine leaks around the shower base or drain  by filling the tub up with water and plugging the drain.  If tub and shower is located on the floor above, the ceiling will have to be cut to determine if it is the drain or the base.  Once determined we can make to necessary repairs.

Plumbers to install gas lines in Savannah

Did You Know that Plumbers are the Ones Who Install Gas Lines for Grills?

While many plumbers specialize in water pipe installations, there is more to this profession than just making sure water properly flows through pipes in homes and businesses. Natural gas installations in the house are also handled by plumbers. With the warmer months approaching, more people will be purchasing gas grills. Gas grills involve installing gas lines that may need professional servicing.

Gas Line Installation

Connecting a gas grill to a gas line comes with several benefits, for example reduced cost and safer environment. With a gas grill in hand, the first step would be connecting it to the natural gas line. The services of plumbers come in handy at this point. First, the plumber will determine whether the grill is compatible with the line, and if not, he or she would recommend the best brand in the market that is compatible. The plumber may also advise if it is possible to convert the grill for compatibility.

Once the gas grill installation is set, one would expect it to run error-free for as long as possible. However, the system is exposed to many conditions such as heat, freezing, and floods, which may cause wear and tear to the gas line. Due to these various conditions, a gas grill may experience several problems that warrant the continued support of plumbers. For example, the grill may fail to light or heat unevenly.

Gas Line Maintenance

A new gas grill installation comes with several safety hazards that a homeowner must to consider. Plumbers should regularly check hose lines for cracks and breaks. Secondly, all heating sources should be as far as possible from the gas grill system. In case the grill produces strong propane odors, it advisable to ask for professional help from plumbers before use.This could indicate that there is a gas leak.

Homeowners should avoid connecting new gas grills to the natural line by themselves. Gas grill manufacturers advise homeowners to use the support of insured and licensed plumbers for installation and maintenance. This is not only safe for the dwellers, but also ensures property owners adhere to city codes.