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Do I need a plumber if discolored water comes out of my pipes?

Do I need a plumber if discolored water comes out of my pipes?

Whether you live in a new or old house or apartment sometimes there is something other than clear water coming out of your faucet. If you have discolored water coming from your pipes there are many different possible reasons. Do you need a plumber, or is it a quick fix? There are a few clues to help you to narrow down the problem and determine if you should call in extra help.


Is it hot or cold discolored water?

Turn you tap on high first on hot then on cold independently.

If just the discolored water is hot water that will lead to the source being the hot water heater.

If discolored hot and cold water, then the intake pipe or house pipes are the source.


Options when discolored water is coming from your pipes.

Many areas have an extension office to bring a water sample and have it tested.

If you have a private well call a plumber or well service to come and chlorinate your well.

Public water handled through a public municipality, contacted them to check to improve the water quality, if possible.


When you need to call a plumber?

When you have old pipes made of galvanized or iron pipes call a professional plumber to check the pipes for rust, leaks and efficiency.

When your hot water is the culprit of foul smelling or discolored water, call a plumber to replace the hot water heater.

Any discoloration of your water coming from your pipes that you have been unable to repair you should consult with a plumber to locate the source of the problem.

Sometimes there is an easy fix to clear the discolored water coming from your pipes. Other times a consultation or checkup of your plumbing system, hot water heater and well (if there is one). When in doubt a call to your plumber does not hurt. It is always better safe than sorry. Your plumber may be able to offer a simple and inexpensive remedy for discolored water. Remember discolored water is a symptom and a plumber is the professional to lead you in the right direction.

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