How to Tell There Is a Leak in Your Bathroom Plumbing

Fixing Bathroom LeakAn untreated plumbing leak can lead to serious issues that can end up costing you big time. Water damage to your walls, paint and floor are nearly impossible to repair and often require a complete renovation to restore.

To figure out if you need a plumber to investigate whether or not you have a pipe leak, consider the following.

Mold Growth

One of the more obvious signs of water leaks is mildew. If you find that regardless of how often or well you clean your bathroom you still have mold throughout it, it could mean there’s a hidden leak. Mold lives in dark and moist areas. A sprung leak could cause an all-out mold infestation. The faster you detect the leak, the easier it is to reverse the process.

Bubbling Paint or Wallpaper

Steam from a hot shower shouldn’t lead to your wallpaper or paint bubbling up. If and when water gets behind the wall, it prevents the bond from sticking to the surfaces and causes it to fall off. This process is the same for wallpaper.

Problems with Flooring

Your bathroom floor shouldn’t have any cracking or stains unless you’ve allowed water to sit on it for an extended period of time. Hidden water under flooring often leads to these and further issues. However, it is also possible that moisture migrated under your floors from a pipe leak or burst.

If you’ve noticed a rapid or unexpected buckling of your flooring, it’s possible that there is a plumbing leak.

Unpleasant Smells

Water that has accumulated in your pipes, in the walls, or in the flooring has a strong and unpleasant smell. It’s a combination of mold and old water, and it’s unmistakable. Most plumbing leaks take time to identify, but if you notice an unpleasant smell accompanied by any of the aforementioned, you could have a leak.

Any of these signs and symptoms could point to a major leak in your bathroom plumbing. Should you suspect or notice these signs in your bathroom, it might be time to hire a plumber. Don’t leave your leak untreated, or you could be left with an even larger plumbing bill.

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