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All About Your Garbage Disposal

How Your Garbage Disposal Can Change the World (Seriously!)

Your garbage disposal could help cut down on your household waste.  Students at Rice University in Houston built a system to convert your kitchen waste into garden compost and bio-fuel (gotta love idealistic college students!).  The system hooks up to your regular garbage disposal and separates the food waste from water.  Water goes to the municipal water system, and the food waste is ground up and separated for use in your home garden or available to use as a fuel.  You can learn more about this magic green garbage disposal here on Huff Po or in this video:

Stuff to Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal

  1. Your hand (or anyone else’s)
    This kind of goes without saying, but we thought we should mention it.  If you lose something important, try using a chopstick or a fork to get it out.  If something gets really lodged in there, you might want to give us a call.
  2. Celery and other stringy stuff
    Stringy foods can tangle up the garbage disposal.
  3. Bones
    Bones tend to go round and round and get stuck in the grinding wheel.  Best to put them straight in the garbage.
  4. Nut Shells and Fruit Pits
    These are usually too hard.  Like bones, they are likely to get jammed in the grinding wheel.
  5. Grease
    Grease is not as bad for your  disposal as it is for your pipes.  Grease can congeal in pipes and cause a clog.
  6. Coffee Grounds
    You can put coffee grounds down the  disposal, but it’s best to keep it to no more than a few teaspoons at a time to avoid choking your pipes.

How to get rid of Garbage Disposal Odors

It’s a good idea to grind cut a lemon in to halves and grind each one in your disposal. It well make your kitchen and your garbage disposal smell much better.

A Word on Eggshells

Eggshells can be great for your garbage disposal.  They are easy to grind and can even help sharpen grinder blades.


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