Before you get started in your search, it helps to know what types of home water heaters there are available:

  • Conventional– These will give you a ready-heated tank of hot water.
  • Tankless– These heaters will heat your home and they don’t need a tank at all.
  • Heat Pump– This will let you move heat from one place to another instead of generating it all at once.
  • Solar– Solar heaters use the sun’s energy to create heat.
  • Tankless and Coil– This will use the home heating system to heat your water for you.

There are plenty of heaters for you to choose from and choosing the right one can be difficult. Consider cost of installation, cost of fuel, and overall cost of ownership (how long it will last, etc.) and the comfort perks each system provides.

The fuel type you use will affect how much you pay overall and it will also tell you how efficient your system is as well. On top of this, you also need to think about the size, because if you want to provide your home with plenty of water then you will want one that is of an ample size or a tankless water heater. If you want to maximize the amount you save then you will also want to take a note of how energy efficient your system is as well. The more energy efficient your heater is, the more likely you will be to save money even when you do use water a lot in your home. If you want to make the next step up from this then consider using a drain-water heat recovery system in conjunction with your purchase.

If you are on a budget then you may want to consider going for a smaller heater but if you go for one that is only just big enough to meet the needs of your home then you could actually be wasting money. The main reason for this is because the heater will need to be working constantly in order to heat your water and this won’t be very energy efficient.  A tankless water heater is often the most efficient option, and offers a virtually unlimited supply of hot water.

Of course, if you have any questions then you can always contact Henry Plumbing. Our trained plumbers are always more than happy to help you find the water heater that gives you the comfort and value you are looking for.