Do you have a leaking bathtub or shower?

Apr 12, 2018

A leaking bathtub or shower can be as simple as caulking needing to be replaced.  Here are some things you can do yourself to check if your tub is leaking and even repair it yourself.

Leaks from a weak caulk seal

Often times a weak caulk seal is to blame for a leaking bathtub or shower.  Here are some places to check:

  1. First of all, check and see if there are any cracks in there tile.
  2. Is there is a surround that connects to the tub? Check the  caulk seal there.
  3. Finally, check around faceplate of tub and shower valve.

The caulk seal can wear off after years and can be a real culprit for leaks.  These are simple easy fixes that homeowners can try on their own or we can re caulk for them.

Leaks around the tub valve

The tub and shower valve is where leaks are often found.  In these situations you will probably need to call us (912-352-9827).  If there is access from behind the tub and shower valve, we usually go in there.  We will have to cut a small section of sheet rock and see if the valve can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.  It can take up to 4 hours to install new valve and trim when a replacement is needed.

Leaks Around the Shower Base or Drain

If the shower base or drain is causing a leaking bathtub or shower in your home you should really call us (912-352-9827). We determine leaks around the shower base or drain  by filling the tub up with water and plugging the drain.  To determine if it is the drain or the base when a tub and shower is located on the floor above the ceiling will have to be cut. Once determined we can make to necessary repairs.

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