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Henry Plumbing: Four Generations Since 1968

The history of our company is truly the history of our family, beginning with Robert G. Henry, Sr. who was born August 21, 1921 in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. After completing high school and some college, Robert joined the United States Army Air Corp. In 1941, he was among the first troops to be stationed at and to help establish Hunter Army Air Base in Savannah, Georgia now known as Hunter Army Airfield.  While there he served as a flight officer and glider pilot. He met Valeria Hutson while stationed in Savannah and they were married in 1943. They traveled during WWII to several bases as he served his country but returned to Savannah and established their permanent home there in October of 1945.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing Projects

Upon returning to Savannah, Robert (nicknamed “Spot”) joined his father-in-law, George W. Hutson, and other family members in the family business Hutson Plumbing. He continued to work with them until 1968 when he decided to form his own company, Henry Plumbing Company. Robert and Valeria founded the company with a few key men who were instrumental in getting the business established including their son, R. Glenn Henry, Jr. and their son-in-law, Winston B. Flanders.

As numerous subdivisions were being created in and around the Savannah area, they originally focused solely on residential plumbing and worked exclusively for Moore Homes, Alvin L. Davis, Inc., John Eady builders and Kilpatrick Construction to name a few. Over time, Henry Plumbing Company expanded into commercial, residential, and industrial new construction plumbing. They also began providing established repair crews for both residential and commercial plumbing needs.

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'Best of the Best' Accolades in Georgia

In 1980, their son and son-in law (R. Glenn Henry, Jr. and Winston B. Flanders respectively) were elected as President and Vice President of the Corporation. In 1982, with the company growing in size, Elizabeth (Betty) Flanders assumed the position of CFO. At this time, Robert retired but continued as a consultant to the business until his death at the age of eighty-four. In 1992, Winston and Betty Flanders’ son-in-law, Todd L. Reed joined the company. Todd was originally from Geary, Oklahoma before joining the United States Army and being stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. He met Tonya Flanders (Betty and Winston’s daughter) and they were married in 1988.

In 1994, after the passing of Winston, Todd assumed the position of Vice President of the Corporation and Tonya became the Corporate Secretary. Both R. Glenn Henry, Jr. and Elizabeth (Betty) Flanders have retired. Today Todd and Tonya Reed, owners and officers, continue the operations of the Corporation into the third generation.  It is their goal to continue the legacy and to protect the value of the Henry Plumbing Company name that was established so many years ago in this community.

What Our Clients Say

I noticed my front yard was extremely wet one day. Way more than the “normal” wet the yard gets after rain here in the summer. The City said it was ground water. Another plumbing company said it was ground water. An additional plumbing company said it was a slab leak (my plumbing is already routed through the attic). So after about $300 in service fees that didn’t identify the issue, enter Henry Plumbing Co.

They were on-site the next day after I called them. They verified I didn’t have a slab leak and that my water line going into the house was leaking. 2 days after that, a crew came out and quickly fixed the issue. If it wasn’t for Henry Plumbing being thorough and professional, I’d still have a leak or I’d pay thousands of dollars to fix a “slab leak” that didn’t exist.

If you need professional/timely plumbing services start by contacting Henry Plumbing Company!

Michael B.

Google Review

We just moved into our new home and have been struggling to figure out what needs to be fixed first and next to make this old home safe and livable while juggling conflicting opinions from multiple contractors. Not the case with Jason and Kylan (Sorry if I got your names wrong!) from Henry Plumbing who were absolutely fantastic to work with!

We were scheduled to have our kitchen sink redone and our old gas boiler replaced, and like everything else we ran into problems and decisions that had to be made on the spot or risk running up costs and delaying upcoming work we already had scheduled with other contractors. Jason communicated quickly with our HVAC guy to work out the best solution on the spot, switched out the boiler to a unit compatible with our suddenly changing plans, and saved us multiple headaches in no time. Not to mention, they were in and out in a day and had us enjoying hot water and a working washer and dryer in no time.

We will certainly be reaching out to Henry for our plumbing needs in the future!

Ferdynand H.

Google Review