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Whole House Plumbing Inspection

Or Yearly Plumbing Inspection Savannah GA

A thorough analysis of your plumbing, fixtures, and pipes, will let you know of any repairs or potential problems. A whole house plumbing inspection consists of:

Basic Plumbing Inspection: $160

Add water heater flush for $320

  • Water heater check includes, safety check, water pressure, thermal expansion, relief valve, leaks, and corrosion.
  • Check of plumbing fixtures in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, crawlspace, and attic checked to assure all are in good, safe working order.
  • Check toilet for leaks, and assure it is securely fastened and caulked to the floor to prevent major damage your floors and sewer drains and pipes.
  • Check and test washing machine hoses, valves, and drains.
  • Check piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Piping – waste and vent piping, gas piping, combustible vent piping, condensation piping, and potable (drinking) water piping, check for leaks, proper installation, known faulty material, and health and safety issues.
  • Check all Isolation valves.
  • Note any items in need of repair and note items that are in good condition.

Advanced Plumbing Inspection: $635

  • Includes all items from the Basic Plan
  • Sewer Drains Inspected by Camera
  • Flush water heater
  • Identify and notify of any potential issues in water and drain system

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