Great Reasons to Want a Tankless Water Heater

Apr 12, 2018
tankless water heater benefits

Rinnai Tankless Water HeaterTankless Hot Water Heaters Use Less Energy

A tankless water heater will use 50% less energy and this could save you hundreds every single year. They also only heat the water when the tap is turned on, so you won’t be heating water that you don’t need and the water that you do need will be heated instantly.

Tankless Water Heaters Never Run Out of Hot Water

Yup.  No more cold showers after some family member has enjoyed the shower of the century or after bath time for all the kids, dog, neighbors, etc.  Tankless water heaters can give virtually unlimited hot water.

Tankless Water Heaters Often Have Longer Warranties

When you invest in a tankless water heater, you’ll find that they can offer you longer warranties and they can save you space as well. This is very beneficial if you want an all-in-one solution that won’t take up extra space and it is also ideal if you don’t want to worry about making repairs later down the line.

A traditional heater will probably come with a warranty for 6 years. A tankless heater on the other hand can last you for over 15 years in terms of the warranty so you can already see how you could reap the benefits of what financial security they can offer you and your home.

Contact Henry Plumbing to See if a Tankless Water Heater is  Good Fit for your Home

There are other factors that you need to take into consideration because not every home can have a tankless system. It depends on the space you have, the system you have installed at the moment and your budget.

Contact us at Henry Plumbing if you want to find out whether you home would benefit from a tankless water heater. We are proud to carry both Rinnai  Water Heaters and AO Smith Water Heaters.

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