My toilet is gushing water. What should I do till the plumber gets here?

Apr 12, 2018
toilet gushing water

So your toilet is gushing water and you don’t know what to do. You have decided to call a plumber and you are waiting for them to arrive but you still have to deal with water gushing out from underneath and the top of the bowl. What can you do while you wait?

There are several things to do while you wait for your professional emergency plumber. You are not quite as helpless as you might imagine, thankfully. To help you redirect your actions in the right manner, rather than hectically running around freaking out wondering where the plumber is at, we have gathered a few tips to prepare for his or her arrival. These tips are primarily for toilet clogs but can be used for any plumbing issue regarding your toilet.

toilet gushing water

Step One: Prepare the Environment

Start by preparing the environment for your plumber. Use paper towels and newspapers to soak up any liquid on the bathroom floor. It works well and you can easily throw them away after the fact. This is particularly helpful if the toilet isn’t exactly full of clean water. You also don’t want your floor to be full of moisture for any amount of time, particularly if it is carpeted or hardwood.

Step Two: Turn off the Water

If the water is still gushing from your toilet and you cannot physically stop it, you can reach around to the back of your toilet and turn off the water valve. This valve continually pumps water into the back tank of the toilet. You can also make sure that the tank is sealed by taking a look at the plastic seal at the bottom of the chain. If it’s open, close it with your bare hand.

Step Three: Try to Plunge the Toilet

Once again, you are not helpless when it comes to fixing your toilet. Grab your plunger and try a brief bit of plunging at the bottom of your toilet hole. Be careful not to force the plunger down too far, as this can cause damage or even create more obstruction to your toilet altogether. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your plumber to remove the blockage once he or she arrives.

Step Four: Consider Using a Snake

If you have a plumbing snake, don’t hesitate to pull it out and pump it down your pipes. A word of caution: trained professionals can use a snake far better than the average homeowner can, so don’t force it if you are not certain what caused the clog. Water will keep gushing from your toilet if you can’t remove the blockage, so if this is your situation remove the snake and simply wait for the trained professional to arrive.

Step Five: Put the Toilet Lid Down

If you have little ones at home or even pets, be sure and put the lid down on your toilet. Your children can throw more toys in the toilet causing even further damage. You also don’t want your pets to think all that water looks tasty, so be sure and put your lid down as soon as you possibly can. Even if water is still gushing out of the toilet place the lid down to reduce any issues.

Step Six: Shut off Near By Electrical Appliances

Everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix, so be sure and scan the bathroom to see if any electrical appliances are open. Turn off your electrical outlets and make sure they stay off. This is also a good follow up to the last step as children and pets could be seriously injured if left unattended.

Step Seven: Use a fan or Dehumidifier

If moisture is gushing out of your toilet then pull out the fan or dehumidifier. This helps eliminate or reduce the clean up after the damage is already done. A dehumidifier is great for reducing mold build up and gets to the source of the problem in the air. A fan simply evaporates the moisture in the air quickly and easily.

Step Six: Cross Your Fingers and Wait for the Plumber

The final step is to simply cross your fingers and hope for the best. Your professional plumber is the key to getting to the source of the issue. Obviously, if your toilet is gushing water it is a bad sign and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes the only hope is a professional, which means waiting uncomfortably while you are waist deep in toilet water.

Don’t worry, a thousand other homeowners have been in your shoes, so rest easy understanding that a professional plumber can dramatically help you restore your bathroom back to working condition.

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