Henry Plumbing Celebrates 50 Years

May 23, 2018

Henry Plumbing has a lot to celebrate. They recently reached their 50-year milestone, and they received high recognition as “best plumber” from Savannah Morning News and from Savannah Magazine. What’s their secret to success and five decades of longevity? Tonya Reed, Henry Plumbing’s third generation owner, shares some insight.

Planting the Seeds of Success

From the start, Henry Plumbing has recognized that employees are not only a reflection of a company, they are the heart and soul.

“Employees are responsible for giving the company life – literally!,” said Tonya. “Our plumbers are the ones on-site, delivering results for customers; our office support staff are the people who help assist customers with payments and other important administrative tasks.”

Knowledge and community helped to shape Henry Plumbing’s values and practices. When evaluating a potential employee, they look for someone who is hard-working and eager to learn. Anyone can learn a trade, “but igniting a spark is hard to do,” said Tonya.

Henry Plumbing keeps education a top priority. They have assisted a number of employees obtain their plumbing licenses.

“It’s important to celebrate achievements and learn from mistakes,” said Tonya.

As changes in the industry take place, employees are trained in new technologies, processes and safety standards. Every Friday morning, the team gathers for a safety meeting (with biscuits, of course) when they also go through the highlights and lowlights of the week.  Most recently, employees took training courses over tankless water heaters. And Henry Plumbing took the necessary steps to become a preferred installer.

Customer-Focused Practices

Henry Plumbing’s secret to success also can be attributed to satisfying and delighting customers. With so many plumbers in Savannah to choose from, why are customers continually choosing and recommending Henry Plumbing?

“It’s because Henry Plumbing is focused on the customer experience, and puts practices in place that reflect that,” said Tonya.

When people call Henry Plumbing, they will reach a person.

Two people, actually.

They are Darlene and Janie, who take payments and set up appointments. When the office is closed, a local company handles after-hours calls. Whatever the time of day, customers will always reach a real person — because no one likes automated menus.

All billing is handled in-house, with the option to pay over the phone or online. The plumbers are paid hourly, not by commission. This allows the plumbers to do what they do best: plumbing, not accounting. With this structure, customers feel more confident that they are not being upsold during appointments. When a Henry Plumbing representative offers a suggestion, it is based on what’s best for your home/business, not the company’s wallet!

“A HUGE thank you to Henry Plumbing,” reads a note from a recent customer. “Our water spicket burst on the back side of our house on Sunday afternoon. It was spewing water everywhere and we could not turn off the water main valve ourselves. I called and talked to Leslie who dispatched Walter to our home. He was a delight who quickly replaced the spicket and saved the day in no time. What a relief to have such hard working, reliable, and personable employees in an emergency. Thank you!”

Staying Motivated

Operating a business at any size is a lot of work! How does Henry Plumbing stay motivated?

The main thing is seeing our employees succeed,” said Tonya. “We love to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Seeing our employees go from riding a bicycle to work to owning his own truck is a good feeling.  Watching a young man start working for us who had been a dishwasher to now having his State of Georgia Plumbing License, purchasing his second home and raising a beautiful family, makes us proud that we had something to do with that. We believed in him and he is a prime example of how hard work pays off.”

Community Compassion

Giving back to the community is a very important part of Henry Plumbing.

Todd Reed, co-owner of Henry Plumbing and Tonya’s husband, volunteers regularly as a Shriner. The Shriners are best known for establishing children’s hospitals throughout the United State to treat orthopedic injuries, diseases, and birth defects in children. The Shriners raise money for treatment and provide transportation for families in need. A portion of Henry Plumbing’s sales are donated to the Alee Shriner Temple in Savannah.

“This organization helps children who are crippled, burned, or have cleft palate. If they do not have insurance, the Shriners assist them with medical treatment 100%,” said Todd, adding, “They are not just the crazy guys in the parade.”

Henry Plumbing also is a member of the Savannah Parrothead group Party with a Purpose, which holds yearly scavenger hunts/fundraisers to benefit the Memorial Health Prostate Cancer Fund. Additionally, they host “Redneck Games” to raise money for different charities, and have a quarterly trash pick up on the road to Tybee Island.

When You Need Plumbing Services

The next time you’re in need of plumbing services, look no further for the best of the best. Henry Plumbing is proud to have served Savannah for the past 50 years, and continues to train their plumbers to be the best and provide an outstanding customer experience.

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