Worst Case Plumbing Scenarios and How to Avoid Them

Sep 20, 2019
worse case plumbing scenarios

Plumbing problems can quickly turn a normal day into a disaster. Everything seems to be going well, then something breaks apart and you find water spraying everywhere.

If you’ve ever had a Savannah plumbing emergency, you’ve found that to be accurate. We’ve seen a lot of plumbing emergencies in our 50-plus years of serving the Savannah area, and there are a few common disasters that homeowners need to understand well enough to know that they call for professional intervention.

The most common plumbing emergency you see on TV is the frozen pipe that bursts and floods the home with water. Thanks to our mild southern climate, that’s very unlikely here. However, there are plenty of other plumbing emergencies that can damage your home whether you’re here in Georgia or anywhere else in the country.

Water Heater Failure

This is hands-down the most worrisome scenario for any homeowner. A sudden leak in a water heater is more than just the inconvenience of cold showers, or even just the cost of repairs. It’s potentially deadly. Water heaters handle heavy electrical current and highly-pressurized water that can be very destructive and dangerous.

You can avoid a water heater nightmare by simply being alert. If temperatures are irregular or if you hear unusual sounds from the unit, have it checked out. Be alert to any “hot” odors or leaks as well, and call us immediately if the water heater repeatedly trips its breaker. Leave it tripped and let our qualified electricians identify the problem.

Slipshod Repairs

A leaky pipe seems simple enough. A few dollars at the hardware store and you’ve got it patched up with no problem, right? The temptation of almost every home handyman is to address these “minor” issues themselves, with the idea that it will be cheaper than calling a plumber.

The problem is that a DIY repair is not up to the standards of the original installation, which is pressure-tested and inspected to make sure it meets code. The fact that your “repair” holds water long enough to put away the tools isn’t much evidence of quality. In time, you’ll learn the hard way that any pressurized pipe must be repaired properly by qualified technicians if it is to survive many more years of use. On top of that, there is some reason it began leaking, so we not only repair the leak, we identify the underlying cause of your leak. You’ll not only see the current leak repaired, you’ll also prevent a repeat performance.

Fixture Failures

Most problems aren’t in the pipes themselves. They’re in the appliances and other devices that use water, and one of the most notorious offenders is the commode. Commodes are notorious for creating these problems due to their delicate construction. A simple crack of the fragile ceramic can allow water, waste water, or both to flow throughout the house unchecked for hours or even days, creating a costly mess.

Fortunately, most such problems can be detected early. Big leaks usually start from small leaks, so if you see any water dripping from a commode, call us for repairs. Commodes are surprisingly difficult to work with thanks to the many different components and moving parts, so identifying the problem can be harder than you might expect. Let us tackle it for you to save you energy and money.

Keeping up with plumbing in the home can be overwhelming. Minor repairs can often head off major ones, so never hesitate to address a problem early. When the big issues do emerge, get professional help right away to make sure the fix is final and durable.

We handle all kinds of Savannah-area plumbing projects. Let us know when you need a Savannah plumber you can rely on!

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