Plumbing Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

Nov 15, 2019
plumbing problems

You might consider yourself “Mr. Fix It” around the house, and you may have a good handle on basic plumbing problems. However, some issues require professional attention and can be dangerous to fix yourself. Before you try to tackle these setbacks yourself, learn what problems to leave alone.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are a hazardous situation because gas can ignite very quickly. Even a small hole can ignite when heat or fire is close to it. You should immediately evacuate your house and call a qualified plumber ASAP.

New Water Heater

A licensed plumber must install electric and gas water heaters. You can void the warranty by trying to install one yourself. New water heaters require a lot of voltage upon installation. Putting one in incorrectly is asking to get hurt. It’s tempting to try and correct, especially after taking a cold shower, but resist the temptation and call a professional to address the issue.

Replacing Pipes

Pipe replacement can be tricky, and patching a leak only solves the problem temporarily. If you try to replace them yourself, you can incorrectly pair new pipes with older ones. You’ll also need special tools to cut and secure the pipes into the correct location, and most homeowners do not have these tools in their toolkit. Frozen pipes should also be handled by a professional. Thawing pipes the wrong way can affect the rest of your system, including discolored water and leaks.

Low Water Pressure

Low pressure is very frustrating and inconvenient for homeowners. The difficulty with this problem is that it is complicated to diagnose. Faulty valves, leaks, and clogged pipes are all reasons for trickles out of the sinks. You can spend an infinite amount of time trying to correct the obstacle.

Underground Repairs

Before you start digging in the ground, understand that there can be jurisdiction laws that require permission. Plumbers will get the necessary clearance to avoid any damage to infrastructure. You’ll also avoid the awkward stares from your neighbors!

Sewage Systems

I’m not sure why you would want to tackle this problem anyway. This problem also requires that you find a leak or blockage underground. Similar to underground repairs, you will need clearance to do anything underground. A local water provider or plumber is best qualified to handle this stinky mess.

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Remodeling Projects

Consulting a plumber for a home renovation is much wiser than trying to do things yourself. Plumbing companies ensure the correct dimensions are set for all plumbing and appliance installations.

Whatever plumbing problems you encounter, take the necessary steps to be sure they are ones you can fix yourself. Having a reliable and honest plumber is ideal for complicated issues. Research to find plumbers that work fast, have lots of experience, and will give you a fair price for the work that they complete. If you’re looking for experienced plumbers in the Savannah area, contact us today!

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