Ways to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Feb 24, 2020
keep pipes from freezing

While freezing temperatures aren’t common here in Savannah, they can dip below freezing when a strong cold front moves through. As temperatures drop, the chances of your pipes freezing go up. Here are a few ways you can prevent your pipes from freezing next time the mercury drops.

Open Up the Cabinet Doors

If your sinks are on the outside wall of the house, they are more susceptible to freezing. Open up the cabinet doors and allow the warm air to get inside. This will help prevent freezing. Remove any cleaners or chemicals to prevent kids or pets from accessing them.

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Keep Your Garage Closed

Some homes have pipes running through the garage. Keeping the garage door closed will help keep the temperature inside from getting too cold. Even if there are no pipes in there, keeping the door shut will help insulate the shared wall from getting too cold.

Keep the Temperature the Same Day or Night

Warm air inside the house will help prevent the pipes from freezing. Don’t turn down the thermostat too far. You want the air to stay warm enough to keep the water flowing day and night.

Use a Space Heater

If you live in an old home with little insulation, you may need to take extra steps to keep the pipes from freezing. Some rooms have exposed pipes that may be susceptible to freezing. A space heater can heat the air enough to prevent frozen pipes.

Let the Water Drip

Flowing water is less likely to freeze than standing water. Letting a faucet drip will keep the water moving through the cold night. While you might pay a bit more on your water bill next month, it’s still going to be less than the cost of fixing a broken pipe.

Add Insulation to the Pipes

Pipe insulation doesn’t cost much per linear foot. Get enough to insulate any pipes in your crawl space, unheated basement, or attic. Add insulation to pipes on exterior walls. Make sure all joints and pipe runs are covered by a solid layer of insulation. Enclose it with plumbing tape to keep moisture from infiltrating.

Insulate the Attic, Basement or Crawl Space

The best solution to prevent freezing pipes is to insulate your home better. This will help the house retain warm air, which prevents the pipes from getting too cold. Adding insulation to your attic, basement and crawl space will have the added benefit of lowering your heating and cooling bills year round.

Plug Air Leaks

One reason why some rooms get colder than others is due to air leaks. If you have gaps around windows or doors, use caulk or weather stripping to plug them. Check around your foundation and seal cracks along your foundation’s sill plate. This will help keep the crawl space or basement warmer. And like insulation, it will help lower your heating and cooling bills.

When you know the temperatures are going to drop, it’s time to take action. But, if you find that you have freezing pipes, you need to call in the Savannah plumbing professionals. Contact us right away!

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