COVID-19 Plumbing Safety and Maintenance Tip

Apr 9, 2020
Henry Plumbing Best of Georgia

Since 1968, Henry Plumbing Co., has been faced with many challenges in business along with our customers.   

The COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) is like nothing we have experienced before and we would like to assure you that we are taking every precaution against virus transmission.  Whether at home, in the workplace or in the field, our technicians are supplied with what is needed to protect themselves, their coworkers and our clients. 

Our commitment to your complete satisfaction is exceeded only by our commitment to your health and safety. If you’ve scheduled service with us already or are thinking of doing so, rest assured in knowing that the technician coming to your residence, office or new plumbing project is coming prepared not just to do the job, but to do so in the safest manner possible.

Plumbing safety and maintenance tips:

  • Do not flush wipes.  Even if they are marked as flushable, they often lead to blockages in plumbing pipes.
  • Do wash your hands and thank a plumber every time water comes out of your faucet.  

Our office hours are from 7am – 5pm – Monday through Friday.  We have a technician on call for emergency plumbing problems Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 5pm.  Please call our office at 912-352-9827 for questions and to schedule appointments. 

Thank you for choosing to work with Henry Plumbing Co. We’re all in this together and the least we can do is continue to handle all your plumbing worries.

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