Local Plumbers Continue Their Essential Duties During Time of Crisis

Apr 9, 2020
plumbers continue during pandemic

Service call workers are still on the frontlines doing their duties during this pandemic, plumbers being one of them.

Workers at Henry Plumbing Company in Savannah say business is still moving as usual, just with extra health precautions.

“We’ve owned the company for about 10 years now. I’ve been in it for 25 years. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Owner of Henry Plumbing Todd Reed said.

In an age of social distancing, essential service work like plumbing can prove to be a little more tedious.

Reed said they are doing their best to adhere to the CDC’s orders.

“Sometimes it’s hard whenever we’re working on a two-man crew, and they’re trying to do a sewer line clean-out and that cable, it takes two guys on that cable, and they’re within that at 6 feet. But we try to, as best we can maintain that 6-foot distance,” he said.

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