Holiday Plumbing Tips To Prevent Emergencies

Nov 19, 2020
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The holiday season is a time when families and other close relations often visit for extended periods. Though these times can be joyous, guests often place a notable strain on a home’s plumbing system. Should homeowners not be careful, expensive and messy plumbing emergencies might arise.

Plumbing Emergency Complications

Plumbing complications often occur at the worst possible time. Unfortunately, however, timing will be the least of the impacted property owner’s concerns. Untoward events like leaks pipes, drainage problems, and failing water heaters could result in issues such as:

Waste Backups

Clogged toilets and blocked sewer lines could result in major waste backups. These events create unsightly, malodorous tangles.

Moreover, said materials are rife with pathogens and other potentially hazardous products that could increase the chances of illness in the hosts and their loved ones.

No Hot Water

Hot water is needed to provide power to heating devices and warm the water used to perform crucial functions like clothes and dishwashing, cooking, and bathing.

The inability to perform these functions comfortably might not only stretch nerves but increase the risk of structural issues like frozen or bursting drain pipes, in addition to possible illness.

Significant Unwanted Expenses

People often use disposable income to purchase gifts for family and friends. Emergency plumbing repairs are not cheap and could significantly cut into said funds.

Five Holiday Plumbing Tips

Fortunately, those planning to host holiday festivities this year might avoid these potential snags by employing the following five tips:

Schedule A Pre-Holiday Inspection

Homeowners are urged to schedule a system inspection several weeks in advance of the holiday season.

Such checks should involve a thorough examination of the structure’s piping, water heater, drains, and garbage disposals. Any detected anomaly can be detected and promptly addressed.

Maintain Clear Drains

Bathroom and kitchen drains have a tendency to gradually accumulate a wide variety of debris. If not cleared, annoying clogs and potentially serious backups might soon follow.

The problem often worsens during the holiday season. It is a relatively simple equation, a greater number of people using water dispensing facilities will place more strain on the drains.

With such concerns in mind, professional plumbing establishments should clear any existing clogs and ensure drain structures are in optimal condition.

Exercise Caution When Using The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals should only be employed to process and eliminate small particles of soft foods. One should never toss large items or liquid products such as grease into said apparatus. Engaging in such actions might not only damage the disposal’s operation capacity but create major waste line backups.

Take Shorter Showers Or Baths

Showers and baths are critical to maintaining proper hygiene and often relaxing. However, when many guests share a house, elongated bathing sessions can actually place undue stress on a water heater, inhibit said device’s ability to perform at high levels, or even precipitate breakdowns.

Run Cold Water When Using The Garbage Disposal

Plumbing experts suggest that partaking in said action improves the efficacy of the device’s grinding capacity and expedites food’s trip into the waste line.

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