DIY Plumbing Tips for the Savannah Household

Jan 12, 2021 you’re a homeowner in Savannah and don’t like to run to the plumber every time you have an inconvenient leak, then we have a few tips for you to consider. Hopefully these DIY plumbing tips and tricks will help you save money and time no matter what plumbing problem you face.

Take Care of Drips

If your sink is dripping consistently, then either someone hasn’t tightly closed the faucet enough or you have some loose rubber. If it’s the latter, then it is time to replace your rubber seal completely. If the tap is dripping from the spout then it’s your washer, if it’s dripping from the top it’s your O-ring. Either way, head to the hardware store and get your replacement parts.

Protect Against Freezing Pipes

If you have exposed pipes, you have to take preventative measures to prevent them from freezing. Plumbing pipes in unheated portions of your home require your attention. Often, inexpensive pipe foam is enough to quickly insulate your piping and protect it from freezing.

Reseal Your Tub Regularly

The mold and mildew that builds up around your tub and shower is not only unattractive, but it is also unhealthy. Resealing your tub is a tedious process, but it may be a cheaper alternative. You simply have to use a razor blade and eliminate the sealant inch by inch. Apply caulking once all previous sealant is removed.

Find Out Why You Have Noisy Pipes

Banging, noisy pipes aren’t only annoying, but also indicate a problem. If your pipes bang like a hammer, then you probably have quick closing valves. Typically, these pipes come from your dishwasher, toilets and washing machines. When pipes cool or expand they can make noise if they are strapped to tightly. Loosen them to stop the noise.

Dealing With a Clogged Tub

If your tub is clogged up, it could be because of the brand you purchased. If your tub is adjusted too low, then your tub could drain too slowly. If adjusting this doesn’t work, then you may need to use a small drain machine to see what the issue may be. If the clog is due to a build up of hair, then you may have to use a snake to remove it. Whatever the case, stay away from drain chemicals as this can just cause more problems rather than fixing the clog.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Correctly

A garbage disposal can be a source of serious agony for many homeowners. However, you can begin to enjoy using your waste disposal by learning what to throw down it and what not to. Stay away from fibrous foods like celery, corn shucks and lemon peels. Always run water down your drain as you run the disposal.

Hopefully these DIY plumbing tips can help you with minor plumbing issues. If you are faced with a bigger task or aren’t confident about your ability to do a job, always contact your local plumber! It’s much better to let a trained professional perform a task then to end up with a bigger problem.

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