How Touchless Bathroom Fixtures Can Benefit Your Business

Mar 19, 2021
touchless bathroom fixtures

Businesses can benefit from having touchless bathroom fixtures in many ways. Bathroom faucets that use motion sensor technology are the most common ones you’ve probably already seen in public bathrooms. This makes it possible to start the flow of water from a faucet without any fixture being touched. When a person waves their hand in front of a sensor, water will start to flow from the faucet which is more sanitary and conserves water. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider going touchless:




Bathroom faucets use hands-free technology to promote proper sanitation. The reason for this is a person will not have to touch a knob or handle. This means they won’t be subject to the germs or bacteria left there by other people. Hands-free bathroom faucets are designed to accumulate far fewer germs when compared to traditional faucets. It’s important to know a touchless faucet will still need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy environment. The sensor in the touchless faucet will also need to be regularly cleaned. This will prevent it from being clouded by soap or dust.


Ease of Use

 A business considering having touchless bathroom fixtures installed will have a wide variety of hands-free faucets to choose from. Some will want to have a simplistic model that will meet their needs. Other businesses may want a more complex model that can provide them with advanced temperature control options and more. All the models are designed to be used easily by the elderly, children, or any person who has poor motor skills. The design of the touchless faucet makes it so they rarely have any issues with leaking. This means they can help minimize the maintenance requirements for the bathrooms in a business. Touchless faucets provide their users with a combination of style and functionality. It will benefit a company’s employees and customers. They have a relatively low cost when it comes to being installed. After the installation of a touchless bathroom faucet, the value of the property where it has been placed will increase.


Save Money


A business will save money by having touchless bathroom fixtures. These faucets are made so they only provide water when the user waves their hand in front of the sensor. This makes it possible for a company to save money on the water bill. It can avoid any problems associated with a careless customer or employee leaving a bathroom faucet on.


ADA Compliance


ADA stands for the American Disability Act. This is a law that holds schools, businesses as well as other organizations accountable for the accessibility of the handicapped. Most bathroom sinks are designed to be ADA compliant. A touchless faucet can make it even easier to be in compliance with this law. Certain standards must be met for a bathroom faucet to be in compliance with the ADA. A person must be able to turn the handle with one hand. A touchless faucet makes this easy for all people who have a limited range of motion to use it. The built-in sensor is designed to detect a hand moving near the faucet to release the water. The usability of a bathroom for individuals of all abilities is achieved with a touchless faucet.


Water Conservation

 It is common for people to take water for granted. Freshwater is a limited natural resource. Streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers need to be protected, so they last long into the future. An excellent way to conserve water is to install a touchless bathroom faucet. It will prevent people from leaving the water running. A touchless faucet is designed to know when it is not needed. It will only provide water when it detects movement or after 10 seconds have elapsed.

Touchless bathroom fixtures will save a business of any size money, as well as benefit the environment. It can decrease an establishment’s ecological footprint and enhance a company’s reputation. The touchless faucet is a technological advancement that makes maintaining a bathroom cheaper, safer, and easier.


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