What to Expect During a Plumbing Inspection

Jun 14, 2021
plumbing inspection

If you are looking for a plumbing inspection, it is important to know what to expect. Plumbing inspections are helpful for a homeowner giving them peace of mind that the plumbing system in their home is in working order.

Here we will go through some of the most common tasks that inspectors conduct during an inspection.

Plumbing Inspections: What Are They?

A plumbing inspection is designed to give you a complete overview of your plumbing system’s condition, current problems, and potential future problems.

The inspection will include checking the appliances in the home and evaluating their condition. This includes washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and water heaters.

In addition, the inspector will be looking for items like how old your water heater is if your basement has flooding problems or any gas leaks in the home.

plumbing inspection

The Importance of Plumbing Inspections

An inspection is important before you purchase a home because it can help highlight any potential problems that the previous owners may have had and give you time to make adjustments.

Inspections are also beneficial if there has been a flood in the house or other major events where pipes were damaged. It will be easier to tell what needs attention with an inspection than trying to figure out which appliances might be leaking by looking at them individually after they’ve already stopped working.

What Happens During An Inspection?

The inspector will start evaluating your water supply system by checking how many fixtures (faucets) are on each level of your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, and outside spigots for watering plants and lawn.

Additionally, the inspector will look at how many fixtures are being used, what materials they’re made from. For example, copper and galvanized steel pipes should not be used anymore because these types of metals can corrode over time, causing a problem with your plumbing system.

Leaking Faucets

plumbing inspection

After inspecting all the water supply fixtures on each level, they’ll identify where any leaks may be coming from by listening closely to what sounds like running water coming out of them (which is sometimes hard to hear).

If no leaky faucets were found during this inspection, you might need to check this again once the inspection has been completed. If there was a leak, it needs immediate attention!

If everything seems fine after examining every fixture upfront, the inspector will then go behind the walls, looking for any signs of water seepage and checking that there are no leaks in the pipes.

Bathroom Plumbing

plumbing inspection

If you have a bathroom on each level of your home, they’ll check the toilet for leaks and cracks by looking up into the bowl to make sure there’s no water in it. They will also inspect all drains near the sink, tub, or bathtub, as well as under any fixtures that are mounted over them (such as an air vent). It is possible for even small amounts of leakage from these pipes to create serious problems with mold growth and structural rot if not addressed quickly enough.

The inspector will also make sure to evaluate your toilet by removing it from its base (usually by turning a lever on its side), holding up a mirror underneath it, and opening up the trap door where they can see inside.

This is usually an easy task, although sometimes they’ll find problems with faulty flapper valves or other parts which could need replacing – or worse yet, clogged drains! The inspector should tell you what needs to be fixed before he leaves if he found anything during this inspection.

Possible Leaks Near Air Vents

plumbing inspection

Checking for this type of leak can be done by listening closely around vents where screws might have come loose due to age or wear and tear. If one is found leaking, tighten down those screws!

Having a regular plumbing inspection is a simple and easy way to make sure there are no problems in your home that may increase your expenses in the future.

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