Why Are Bidets Becoming Popular in U.S. Homes?

Sep 23, 2021

The French developed the bidet in the 1600s. The simple idea behind the use of bidets was that the user was able to wash their private areas after using the bathroom or heading out for a ride.
The rough translation of bidet is pony and points to the link between this bathroom staple and horse riding. The last two years has had an impact on our society that has always resisted the use of the bidet.

Why has the U.S. Resisted the Bidet?

Bidets have been popular in Western Europe since the 18th-century. The arrival of indoor plumbing in European homes has prompted most of the world to accept these indoor bathroom accessories. However, the U.S. has struggled to accept the bidet because of what it was once associated with.

The first sighting of a bidet by a large number of U.S. citizens was during World War II. The first sighting of a bidet by G.I.’s was in the brothels of Europe during the Second World War. The association of the bidet with brothels is just one reason for the hesitation surrounding its use in the United States.

How Popular is the Bidet in the U.S.?

This answer has varied over the years, with research showing the American bidet remains rare. An estimated 12-percent of the U.S. population has regular access to a bidet. The bidet is more popular in the South than in any other area of the nation, with 12.7-percent of the population in the South regularly using a bidet. The changes in society are altering the way the bidet is viewed by the population.

Environmental Challenges

Several environmental challenges are at the heart of rising bidet use. In a recent study, just over 65-percent of those surveyed stated toilet paper usage pushed them to install a bidet. The loss of forests due to the paper and toilet paper industry is pushing thousands of people to limit the number of paper products they buy for their homes and offices.

Another aspect affecting our environment is the use of flushable wipes. The clogging of waste pipes and sewers is a problem Americans could avoid through the use of the bidet.

The Impact of COVID-19


COVID-19 is being recognized as one of the main reasons why the U.S. is finally accepting the use of bidets. The pandemic arrived and prompted the mass panic of stocking up on toilet paper by consumers across the nation. In a bid to avoid similar problems in the future, homeowners are looking to use a bidet to limit the number of paper products they buy. The threat of the spread of COVID-19 has led many homeowners considering ways of improving their personal hygiene. Removing the threat of infection and keeping their body clean is a huge goal now for everyone.

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