Should You Use a Liquid Drain Cleaner?

Mar 21, 2022
liquid drain cleaner

Clogged drains are time-consuming, frustrating, and inconvenient. For a quick fix, most people turn to liquid drain cleaners when faced with this challenge.

This can solve the problem temporarily in some cases, but other clogs may be too serious for the cleaners to be effective. Here are the pros and cons of using liquid drain cleaners and when they may or may not be useful.

clogged drain


Pros of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

liquid drain cleaner

1. Quick & Easy

If you decide to use a liquid drain cleaner, carefully read the instructions on the back of the bottle. It usually instructs you to ventilate the working area and pour the specified amount into the clogged drain. After a few minutes, the clog should dissolve.

2. Inexpensive

Most liquid drain cleaners are cheap and you can get them at any local store.

3. Works Well With Some Types of Clogs

Liquid drain chemicals are a good option for dealing with food and hair clogs. It would be best to consider oxidizing drain cleaners for food and hair clogs. Caustic drain cleaners help in clearing grease soap scum build-up.

Cons of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

liquid drain cleaner

1. Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Plumbing

If you are not familiar with the chemicals used in a drain cleaner, it can be dangerous for your plumbing. The liquid drain cleaners damage pipes if they are not properly diluted and used correctly. If you are using these products regularly, make sure that you do some research before buying them as there are many different types of chemicals out there, and some may damage your pipes rather than help them.

2. It Can Be Toxic to Humans

Some people are allergic to the chemicals that come with liquid drain cleaners, and they may experience sickness after using them. Liquid drain chemicals also produce fumes that may be dangerous to your respiratory system. It can also irritate when it comes into contact with skin and other body parts.

3. Hazardous to Environment

Liquid drain cleaners can cause damage to the environment if not properly disposed of. If you dispose of these chemicals in the drain, ensure that you do it properly and avoid contaminating the drainage system. The liquid drain cleaners are also hazardous to wildlife, plants, and other living things in the environment.

4. Not Always Effective

They may not be able to effectively remove clogs from your pipes or drains. If there is a build-up of debris, it will need to be removed by a professional plumber.

It is best to avoid using liquid drain chemicals and opt for a safer, more effective way of getting rid of clogs from your drains. They can never replace the expert knowledge of a plumber.

Contact a professional plumber who can help you remove the clogs from your drains and pipes safely and effectively every time.

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