Plumbing Issues in Beach Homes & How to Prevent Them

Apr 15, 2022

It can be an amazing experience to live near the beach, but it can also have a few disadvantages. You may enjoy the salt water, but it can be harmful to your home and your plumbing system. Beach homes tend to have different plumbing issues than homes farther from the beach that owners need to consider. Here are common plumbing issues in beach homes and how to prevent them.


plumbing issues in beach homes

1. Sand Clogs


Living near the beach means coming into contact with a lot of sand. Sand causes plumbing issues in beach homes as it clogs up the pipes, especially in the shower and bath. Accumulation of sand in your pipes slows down the drains. Contact a professional plumbing contractor to inspect your pipes and clear them to prevent possible large issues.

You can install an exterior hose and shower by the door to rinse off your feet and hands outside. Remove the shoes you wear to the beach when getting inside the house as well.

2. Corrosion


Your home plumbing system may experience corrosion depending on the material used to manufacture the pipes. Copper pipes are more vulnerable to corrosion as the material reacts to salt, leading to changes in the material structure. When you see your pipes turn greenish-blue, or your water has a reddish or brown tint, this is a sign of corrosion. When the problem worsens, the copper will become brittle and flaky or peel. Eventually, the pipes will burst or crack. A plumber can replace the pipes with ABS or PVC pipes as they are more resistant to moisture and salt water.

Cast iron and galvanized steel pipes also react to moisture and saltwater. Signs of corrosion are seen through the water coming out of the taps. The water has a brownish or reddish tint, but you only see this once the water settles in a cup or other container. When buying a home near the beach, establish the type of material in your plumbing pipes to know how to handle saltwater during cleaning.

3. Hair Clogs


Saltwater dries out hair, which can cause it to fall out when washing it. That hair gets trapped in the drains and creates a clog. Animal fur may also cause problems if you bathe your dog in the shower after playing at the beach. To prevent clogs, place a hair catcher in your tub and clean it out after a grooming session or shower.

It is essential to protect your plumbing from salt damage. If your plumbing pipes are exposed outdoors, cover them. Ensure that salt water and sand don’t get into your home, and be on the lookout for floods to prevent flood water from getting inside. If you want to build or buy a home near the Sava

nnah or Tybee Island area, consult a professional plumbing company to make sure you’ll understand the best preventative measures.

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