Top 7 Reasons To Become a Plumber

Jun 21, 2022
become a plumber

Everyone needs the services of a qualified plumber from time to time. A plumbing career could benefit you in terms of job security and high earning potential. P

lumbing is not just about fixing toilets and answering house calls. Plumbers keep cities, schools, hospitals, and households running with clean water that people rely on. Plumbers will always be in demand as long as there are people, pipes, and water. Here are just 7 of the many reasons to become a plumber.

become a plumber


1. Spend Less on College

 Getting a high-paying career does not mean spending thousands of dollars on college fees. Plumbing is an excellent option for those who want to earn considerable money without significant spending on school. Potential plumbers can enroll in a community college or vocational school for less money than someone with a four-year degree. Also, some plumbing companies provide internships where people learn the trade practically from an experienced plumber and get paid while doing it. Getting paid as you learn is an excellent and rare opportunity.

2. Job Stability

Recently, there has been a shortage of workers in skilled trade professions. The demand for plumbers is high, so available ones cannot satisfy the market. This is encouraging for those considering plumbing as a career. When you become a plumber, you’ll work in an industry with readily available jobs. Not only are there ready jobs, but they are also challenging to get rid of. There has been a trend in the US where jobs are outsourced. For example, phone calls are directed to massive call centers in foreign countries. You will never witness this in the plumbing industry. As long as there are toilets, water, and pipes in American homes, plumbers will always be in demand.

3. Job Variety

When you decide to follow plumbing as a career, there are various job options and paths. You will be doing something new daily so you won’t be bored at work. One day you could be repairing sewer systems, and the next day could be spent designing new plumbing systems for buildings and developing new plumbing technologies the following week. There is no monotony in plumbing.

4. Entrepreneurship

The plumbing industry has an opportunity to start your own business. As plumbing services are in demand, you are assured of business when creating a plumbing company. While you work for other people, you will also learn and get tips on running a business, which will be helpful when you start your own. The motivations to form a plumbing company are business structure, location, and flexible work hours.

5. Career Advancement

As a plumber, you are entirely in charge of how high you can climb the ladder. If you are committed to advancing your education and keeping up-to-date with advancements in the industry, your career will also grow. You can work your way to a Master Plumber status if you are ready and willing to learn.

6. Job Satisfaction


Plumbers are life savers. Efficient plumbing systems ensure the delivery of clean water and proper wastewater disposal. This protects households from potentially fatal diseases. Maintaining plumbing systems in cities and homes is a worthy task as it protects the nation’s health.

7. Social Opportunity


You can make close friends within the plumbing community who understand the intricacies of the profession. You get to learn from each other and also share insider tricks and tips. Working as a plumber also places you in numerous social interactions with clients. You will interact with people outside the office, which will enhance your communication skills. Some of the people you meet will be your future customers should you choose to start your own company.

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